Skill/time split
Skill/time split
Life so far
Intern - UI Developer
5 months (Dec 2012 - Apr 2013)
Intern - Android Developer
7 months (Sep 2011 - Mar 2012)
Mitosis Studios
Web developer
1 year (Apr 2011 – Mar 2012)
SSNCE, Anna university
Bachelor in Computer Science
4 years (Mar 2009 - May 2013)
Erode, India
Being a cute newborn
29 years ago (Apr 1992)
A little about me
🧠 Open and Observant Mind
💪 Resilient and Responsive Body
♥️ Humble and Adventurous Heart
☯️ Curious and Introspective Soul

I am a Jack of most trades & a Master of a few. I’m a language-agnostic programmer and I love problem-solving in general. I excel in front-end (JS) primarily because I love interfaces but I constantly keep jumping into other sides.

I have been a solo traveler for a decade now. A cute puppy is accompanying me since last year. I’ve been called a situational perfectionist and I am known to be skillful and excited at visualizing, connecting, and comprehending deeper abstract models of the world.

A random list of things I'm interested/invested in → Psychology, Philosophy, Cosmology, automation, blogging, calisthenics, coding, consciousness, css art, curd, DIY stuff, dota 2, esoteric languages, flute, gardening, hackathons, hiphop dancing, insightful visuals, introspection, kalimba, karaoke, meditation, moon mining, motorbikes, mountains, open source software, painting walls, paragliding, rock climbing, running, scheduling, skating, sketching, storytelling, surfing, tracking things - data collection, trail walks, traveling, triathlons, yellow lights, and a bit more. The world has so much to offer; so much to love & learn.